Praetorian Preceptory No. 621 6.30 pm. Friday June 17th. 2022 at Garstang. Elections, propositions and a talk by E. Kt. Ian Davies P. Gt. Her. on “A day in the life of a Bodyguard”

Praetorian Preceptory No. 621

Masonic Hall, Wyrebank, Church Street, Garstang PR3 1PG. 01995 603850

Registrar: –   Keith Hatton, 7 Mellington Avenue, Manchester M20 5WE 07709 212642


220617 Praetorian No. 621 calling notice

220617 Praetorian 621 dining menu and application

Summons and dining application attached as PDF. Notes for Provincial Website:

On Friday 17th June 2022 Praetorian Preceptory No.621 will hold its first meeting of 2022. In addition to the usual items of business we are looking forward to welcoming our Guest Speaker, E.Kt. Ian Davies of Wharfedale Preceptory No.216, who will deliver a paper entitled: A day in the life of a Templar Bodyguard

Visitors will be most welcome to join us for the evening commencing at 18:30hrs. If you wish to dine please contact the Registrar before 6th June 2022 to confirm requirements. The dining fee is £16. Registrar email:

Yours in the Bonds of the Order

‡ Keith Hatton