Hugh de Payens Challenge Pennant January 24th. 2020 – Report from Royds Preceptory

Brother Knights.      A posse of Knights from Royds Preceptory No 149 visited St. Joseph Preceptory No. 9 at Urmston last Friday and made a successful challenge for the The Hugh de Payens Challenge Pennant. The Pennant had proudly been on display at each meeting of St Joseph since they were awarded it at the Provincial Priory in May 2019. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and the festive board after the formal part of the meeting. The E.P. of Jerusalem E.Kt. John Shaw then very graciously handed possession of the Pennant to E.Kt. Paul Thompson the Eminent Preceptor of Royds 149.

“On the left, Eminent Preceptor John Shaw Preceptor of St Joseph and on the Right, Eminent Preceptor Paul Thompson of Royds”

The Pennant will be on display at the next meeting of Royds preceptory on 19th Feb and any Challengers for the Pennant will be made most welcome as will any other visitors. The Preceptories eligible to make a Challenge are listed below and all you need is three members present to make the Challenge. To make a challenge all you need to do is silently throw a Gauntlet on the floor during “Any other business” then at the festive board after the toast to the visitors announce your intention to  challenge for the pennant.

The following Preceptories are eligible to make a challenge. Preceptories numbered 34;  43;  95;  161;  494;  515;  592
The Royds calling notice can be viewed and downloaded from the provincial website below
The website thanks Alan Flack the Registrar of Royds Preceptory No. 149 for this article and picture